Auto Glass Replacement and Repair:
Door Glass, Back Glass, ¼ Glass, Vent Glass and Sunroofs.

Windshield Replacement Buffalo, Amherst, Cheektowaga, NY:

X-treme Auto Glass technicians are familiar with all automobiles and our confident we can perform your replacement to your satisfaction. This includes removal and disposal of old glass, installation of new glass, transfer of New York State inspection and registration stickers, reinstallation of rear view mirror, and any necessary cleanup. Supporting all of the WNY and Buffalo NY areas. When you windshield needs to be replaced, don’t hesitate, give us a call.

Door Glass Replacement:

When replacing a vehicles door glass, X-treme Auto Glass technicians remove your door panel, vacuum out any broken glass from inside the door panel and in the area of the breakage, insert a new door glass, and reinsert the door panel. Finally, we always check to make sure your window functions properly and it can all be done via our mobile service.

Back Glass (Rear Window) Replacement:

A broken vehicle back glass can be a scary situation. Unlike the windshield, a back glass will usually blow up in a million pieces.  Let one of our trained technicians inspect the damage, remove the broken glass, vacuum out any broken glass from the area, and install a new back glass, making sure to check that any defrost lines function properly.

¼ Glass Replacement:

Not all vehicles have a ¼ glass, it is the rectangular piece of glass that is behind the rear door glass, in the cargo area. Just like a back glass, when they break, they usually blow up in a million pieces. At X-treme we will remove the broken glass, vacuum out any broken glass from the area, and install a new ¼ glass.

Vent Glass Replacement:

Not all vehicles have a vent glass, it is the small piece of stationary glass in the rear door. This may not seem like much glass, until it is broken. Let X-treme cleans up the mess and installs a new vent glass.


To prevent water leaks and costly damage, a properly installed sunroof is essential. At X-treme we use only OEM or Origional Equipment Manufactured sunroofs.

Chip and Crack Repair:

Our skilled technicians can often repair your damaged windshield if the chip or crack can be covered by a quarter and the work typically takes only a few minutes. We use the best materials, injecting a high quality resin into the chip or crack to restore the structural integrity of your windshield. This process will help prevent the damage from spreading and make it less noticeable, without removing and replacing the original glass. In the event your glass can’t be repaired, you can be confident in X-treme Auto Glass providing you with a windshield replacement, usually within 24 hours.